Friday, July 06, 2007

A Glance Into Our Life

Summer sun, the Anchorage Daily News freshly arrived on the afternoon jet, and our hooligan hounds playing with the neighborhood kids - all enjoyed whilst we plant greens and stretch out on our Polaris Chaise!

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Team Wilco said...

I have no doubt that Team Fitziland will be able to put on a fabulous vacation spa. In fact, I felt like a broken record....this is cool, but you should have seen Bethel....
Bogs and dogs, cabs and Babs...there will be no limit to the fun. Though, I will admit, that I'm not minding losing out on the aerobic mosquito exercise. And you wouldn't believe it, but they're doing a new bridge project here which provides the opportunity for heavy equipment dodging and is supposed to last for the next 3 years, but it actually appears like they make systematic progress each and every day. What's up with that? Thanks for the email and here's wishing you a few intrepid visitors to the Fitziland Delta Spa!