Friday, January 18, 2008

Cousin Deirdre Has Arrived .....

and, oh!, is it fun to have her on the tundra island!

We've been putting Deirdre and Mike to work. The other night they were handing out frozen lasagnas in preparation for a musher banquet on Monday. This morning Mike pulled a car out of a ditch. The grateful driver (who wasn't wearing mittens and kept dodging my maternal instincts to give him a pair) offered Mike a free pizza. And Clyde and Puck have been showing them how they like to take their daily constitutionals along the river, and how they like their balls tossed at home. Clyde's managed to show Deirdre how he would like her to massage his back. (Tonight, he emphasized his preferences by sitting on her....with that Dee accent, she tried to remind him that he is not a lap dog.)

It's tomorrow, though, that the K-300 races - and their real work - starts.......

If ever I do it, I do hope that I manage to live up to this here promise to post pictures of Mike and Deirdre doing truck support and starting line support for Hugh Neff!

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