Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our Highway is Officially Frozen


JessicaMcC said...

Yay, Aileen! I am so happy your blog is back. Just knowing you are up enjoying all Alaska has to offer warms my heart.

Aileen said...

Hello dear, Jessica! Thanks for not giving up on me. I'm really hoping that my New Year's resolution to be less of a communicative nightmare will inspire me to post more often! And, though I still lose most battles with my dial-up internet service via [Russian?] satellite, I've definitely learned a lot about how to sneak around its limitations without provoking its ire. Not to jinx myself, but I could confess to being much more optimistic about the inevitable technological battles in this new year!
p.s. I loved (read: love, love, loved) the Christmas morning and ice skaing photos! Those smiles!