Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Democracy in Action - Tom Style

Tom, very graciously, sent me several pictures of our local democracy in action.

But friends I can't post them.


It's quite simple - I can't bring myself to post all the pictures that he sent to me because I do not want you to be distracted from this one:

It's Tom. Wearing one of Tom's home-sewn hats. Caucusing for Obama. At the Caucus. Wearing one of his home-sewn hats. He has a collection of them, by the by. And goggles. I like this photo. A lot. I'm also in a sustained effort to persuade Tom to become a professional hat maker. He should consider this paragraph part of that effort.

Ok. Fine. You're right. This is fun. I'll post a few more of Tom's photos, even if it could potentially distract you from the one above. But someone needs to explain to me why Tom doesn't have a blog himself. He has far too many photos and stories for his mere Friendster page.

Tom actually sent a bunch of great photos, including great photos of the Clinton and Kucinich camps. But, alas, I'm not sure whether any rules apply to the mixing of caucusing and blogging. And though I could act out of an abundance of caution, and simply seek out their permission, these were direct face-to-face photos and I find myself as equally reluctant to seek the permission of my neighbors to post their picture as I am to risk offending any of them for not doing so. All this is to say, that I ultimately hesitated myself out of posting those great photos.

Hopefully this photo by Tom will appeal to map-lovers everywhere, and make sufficient amends for my blogging cowardliness:

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