Friday, February 08, 2008

Glance at Our Life: Public Art

There is something incredibly beautiful, up here, about the interaction of nature and man-made detritus.

I don't quite know how to describe it. The juxtaposition of the temporary convenience of the man-made things, as highlighted by the stable and permanent context of nature. The discarded value of the man-made thing, as highlighted by the perpetually renewed value of nature. The chaos of the man-made versus the humble significance of the environment into which it is installed.......

Oh, help me here! Waxing poetic will not get me to the description of the beauty I'm trying to describe.

I suppose words themselves can't provide sufficient description. I should post examples, such as these examples of the electrical lines that keep our neighborhood in electrical heat and operating lightbulbs.

(Forgive me for the quality of the photos. I have not yet mastered the secret to flash-less photography, and it is hard to focus on taking pictures when I'm juggling our two canine hooligans.)

For the best photographic examples of this slice of Alaskan beauty, I highly recommend perusing Genevieve's pictures of their adventures in and around Unalaska. Especially this one, which shows a prime example of "industrial remnants set against dramatic backdrops." (Yes! Now there's an excellent description.) She posts pictures of of WWII bunkers, and mountains of fish nets, and public displays of shipping containers. And the pictures of little Paxson are, without a doubt, too cute for my skills in descriptions.

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