Sunday, April 13, 2008

Super Cyber Sleuthing

My brother is many things. Witty, yet often stoic. Adventurous, yet calm. Strong, yet laid-back. I could go on. Indeed, I have. I've talked about my brother, and his incredible traits, before. If you knew my little brother, and then read all that I write about my little brother, however, you'd probably conclude that he is an amazing guy that eludes my ability to give proper description. And I'd agree.

But with all my attempts at description, I have never mentioned that he is a super cyber sleuth, and yet intensely private. It is hard to take a good picture of the guy, and even harder to get it posted.

That's why it was much fun to stumble upon this: CLICK HERE.

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In(side) the Loop said...

Aileen - Thanks for your comment. You asked where I bought the tree fabric used for my outdoor movie night - it's IKEA. You can read more about it here: